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  • 10156354a8

    Tekken Bishojyo Chirstie Monteiro by Kotobukiya

    Tekken Bishojyo Chirstie Monteiro / 5,270 yen / Kotobukiya

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  • 10156808a

    Figuarts Zero Doflamingo by Bandai

    Figuarts Zero Doflamingo / 2,125 yen / Bandai

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  • wf2010s_logo2

    Wonder Festival 2010 Summer Is Happening Now

    Wonder Festival 2010 Summer is happening now, lots of figurines are ready to burn your pockets away !! I will be rounding up all the photos found on the net taken for the event,

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  • Some Changes To Our Site (Pls read if you are one of our readers)

    Some Changes To Our Site (Pls read if you are one of our readers)

    There will be some changes regarding how content are posted on our The Banzai! Effect nowadays. Do take note of the changes if you are one our readers

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  • afa_x

    AFA X Confirmed For Singapore

    AFA 2010 is confirmed for Singapore, set for a November 2010 launch, not much details are unveiled yet but the event is known as "AFA X" ..hmm, a power up version of AFA-kun? :3

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  • at3_dlcbanner01

    Ar Tonelico 3 DLCs Available Now

    Various Ar Tonelico 3 DLCs are available now ! :D

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  • New Vocaloid “Lily”

    New Vocaloid “Lily”

    New Vocaloid software was announced. It was made by INTERNET Corp they made Gakuppoido and Meguppoido on the past. This picture may remind you Miku Hatsune or others, of couse that was drawn by KEI. She named Lily who is a member of the group "anim.o.v.e.". They are normally working as Yuri of "m.o.v.e." except for playing anime songs. This product is made by her voice

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  • scape_park_launch

    COSMO Youth Parade x Cosfest IX Photocast

    COSMO Youth Festival and Cosfest IX starts today ! Gonna try out uploading some photos from the location with a phone ! Catch the photocast of COSMO Youth Festival here at SGcafe. nutcase23 will be in Cosfest IX today, unfortunately, there will be no photocast for that but I will be there tomorrow. :D

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  • ff14(2)

    Final Fantasy XIV (PC) Gets Official Launch Date

    Square Enix have announced the official launch date for Final Fantasy XIV for PC worldwide (thank goodness). September 30 is the launch date. The collectors edition will arrive at an earlier date - September 22. The collectors edition will include many goodies

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  • mikuconcert

    Miku Hatsune concert comes as Blu-ray, DVD, CD

    Hatsune Miku live concert held on March 9th, the Blu-ray, DVD, and CD of that event is going to be release was announced. It's on September 1st. Prices Blu-ray 7,350yen, DVD 6,300yen, and CD is 3,150yen. All these items have a special case and a picture label, BD and DVD have the strap that was only sold on the event.

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  • 11592920_m

    Fun Filled Events This Weekend In Singapore!

    It's fun filled weekends as 2 major events are coming up on July 3 -4 ! Heads up to anyone who are not aware or living in a well. :3

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  • arakawa2nd

    Arakawa Under The Bridge Gets Second Season

    Looks like we are gonna get more "under the bridge" action as Arakawa Under The Bridge is getting a second season. The anime was done by SHAFT featuring Hiroshi Kamiya and Maaya Sakamoto as the lead seiyuu for the characters.

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  • Yutaka Kobayakawa: Gym Uniform ver by FREEing

    Yutaka Kobayakawa: Gym Uniform ver by FREEing

    Yutaka Kobayakawa: Gym Uniform ver / 11,981 yen / FREEing

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  • K-ON! PSP Game Gets Trailer, Release Date

    K-ON! PSP Game Gets Trailer, Release Date

    I wonder if one of the K-ON! girls wil say "SEGAAAA" in the game. Regardless, "K-ON! After School Life" will be launched in September and it’ll be priced at about 6,900 yen. Pre-ordering the game will get you some free goodies such as stickers.

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  • Ninokuni PS3 Trailer Awes !

    Ninokuni PS3 Trailer Awes !

    A very awesome trailer for an upcoming game "Ninokuni", coming for the Playstation 3. This is a role playing game (RPG) that is developed by Level-5 and a collaboration with Studio Ghibli !

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