Vocaloid: Last Night, Good Night

As hardcore Hatsune Miku fans would have known by heart, 31st of August  is the birthday of the lovable, leek-wielding, virtual idol. To commemorate it, I would like to showcase some of the photos from a cosplay photoshoot I did with Angelryn, a Miku cosplayer, a few months back. Together with a helper friend, we used a rooftop garden on a HDB carpark as the backdrop for the morning shoot.

The shoot was inspired by the following video: “Last Night, Good Night” Official PV

In addition, Angelryn made a video too! Here

So are there any cosplayers who are planning to celebrate her birthday as well?

About the Author

Hailing from the North (aka Malaysia), this gentleman have seen everything from ninjas to robots within the local cosplay community as a photographer/cosplayer. Currently, he aims to showcase some of the region's best cosplay to the world, and to excel in other genres of photography as well.