CGM Singapore with Danny Choo

And CGM Singapore was held with great gusto as fans hot from AFAX joined in for a massive interacting session down at Lau Pa Sat.

Organised by Danny, Lau Pa Sat never knew what hit it as supposedly 120 people came down to attend.

And soon, everything was out in full force as figmas and nendoroids were brought out and dollfies came out to play.

It was soon it was photography madness as everyone whipped out their cameras and began snapping away…

It was great fun talking to Danny and to everyone else.

It’s tough being a celebrity as soon everyone was requesting autographs and photos from Danny ^^;

Do check out the gallery for more photos.

Finally had a chance to meet the WLNF people after my job stint in AFA X and it was wonderful meeting some local comrades as well as overseas ones.

It was a great night and I’m sure we all hope to do this again next year yah? XD

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