Comic Fiesta 2010 – The Cosplay Post

If you haven’t read my impressions of Comic Fiesta, now would be a good time. =3

Photography-wise, despite the event having  shit lighting, I’d say it was a very fruitful and satisfying trip.

TBE had the good fortune to be traveling with a decent portion of the SG cosplayers and they were nice enough to allow us some shoots during the span of the event.

There were also many awesome cosplays at Comic Fiesta but unfortunately I missed a significant portion of them owing to the congested event grounds.

My greatest regret was deciding to travel “light” and not bringing my tripod and reflector which was a VERY bad idea.

I give thanks to Amano, Garion and Fariz for offering to lend/lending me their equipment. They really helped me out lots.

Cosplayers who are interested in getting full rez of their shots, do send us an e-mail or drop a comment below.

That said, do click on the pictures for larger versions and I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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nutcase23 blogs mainly about his figurines as well as cosplay and anime related events occurring in Singapore. With his trusty camera, he stalks exhibition halls and event grounds, taking shots for the blog as well as himself. Is a rabid fan of Lucky Star.