Comic Fiesta 2010

The night before the event

Comic Fiesta 2010 marks TBE’s first overseas cosplay event out of Singapore and it certainly was an enjoyable trip.

Night view from the hotel

We arrived at KL the day before, having acquired accommodations at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, the same place as the Comic Fiesta event grounds.

Which proved to be a wise choice since the hotel room card gave us some access to some really nice places to shoot.

Sadly, we (and at least one other SG-based blog) didn’t manage to get hold of media passes for the event due to a certain absence of reply but hey, it’s not like we are famous in malaysia or anything so who really cares? 8D

Clusterf*** at the ticket booth

Being our first CF trip, I guess we really didn’t know what to expect.

We initially thought the place was decently big enough to hold a large crowd. On hindsight (which is 20/20), the place was probably slightly smaller compared to suntec city in terms of overall available space.

And the crowd was probably bigger than the usual size we see at singapore based events.

No it ain’t empty. Just VERY early

which effectively means that both inside and outside the event hall, it was packed body to body for most of the time. Entering the event hall meant it would take at least 20 minutes to get out of it 8D.

Cosplayers sitting along the corridor of the event floor didn’t help matters much too.

Zergling rush outside The Card Geeks and KKnM

It was great to see KKnM and The Card Geeks (I think) as well as Collateral Damage Studios and Daiyaku at CF as well.

I also stumbled upon the Danny Choo “fan booth” which was actually The Figure Mall who had set up a massive figure display booth along with its goods.

I had the pleasure of meeting Wisefreeman as well, the “Danny Choo” of Malaysia 8D

Shakugan no Mirai

Figus galore

It was merchandise and galore, much reminiscent of our local events (or any kind of event for that matter lol).


The sheer number of doujin booths did surprise me though.

You probably will never spend upwards of 30 minutes just browsing doujin booths in any Singapore event. Having a crowd and narrow walking lanes probably contributed to that somewhat =3

Kinda regretted not going to them first thing in Day 1. Alot of the good stuff got sold out. D8

Kinda reminds me of Comiket style

Furry equipment for +10 sales power. They should have this in Recettear

I didn’t pay much attention to the stage events as I was too busy cosplayer hunting and shooting.

Which some tell me it was quite a loss.

I don’t know but staying in that crowded event hall kinda makes me feel claustrophobic. Perhaps I will pay more attention next trip.

And speaking of photography, the event floor is a nightmare in terms of lighting (then again, most event places are).

Overhead halogen lights (read: orange) are most common and the floor is largely enclosed meaning little natural lighting save for a few precious spots.

Fortunately, they opened up a quiet space in Day 2 which had glass walls similar to suntec city’s 3rd floor. This area extended for a few floors and provided much better conditions for shooting.

Note the ninja guy in black on the right. Nice shooting.

That and my hotel card provided some nifty access to out of bounds places 8D

Do this face to convince your parents/friends/etc

So overall impression?

The bus ride to KL was a bitch and so was the ride back. It’s crazy and tiring but go with a bunch of friends and it will probably be fun and awesome.

To me, CF is just like any old cosplay event. The only difference being it isn’t local.

And you know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

SO yeah, go at least once if you can. Just for the experience.

And make sure you don’t bunk with someone who snores like 2 thunderstorms.


Cosplay post coming up soon.

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