Cosfest IX – Of Warriors, Brides and MMORPGS

Proof WLNF was there =D

I promise this will be the last post I have on Cosfest IX ^^”

In this post, I feature some of the cosplayers that have been kind enough to grant me a private photoshoot session.

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First up, I give you kimi_eden who was doing Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara.

Impressive 6 sword array

Nice tights =D

He can hold 3 in one hand, but can he hold all six?

Holy shit he can! DD=

Decided to go for a darker and more contrasted feel for kimi_eden. I just felt it looked more GAR =D


Next, I bring you karei, doing Hatsune Miku in Project Diva’s Bidal outfit.

I decided to try a hand at providing a dreamy wedding photo feel and giving an image of a happy (if slightly melancholic) bride.

Karei constantly laughing at our jokes didn’t help =X

I certainly hope I got it more or less right.

Just in case you are wondering, this is how she is like AFTER marriage. =DD


And lastly, I give you Claude and Cutepetz with their rendition of the Sorceress and Assassin from the MMORPG Aion.

Can’t say I played the game though.

A few setbacks involving the props occurred for them but nothing like some spit and prayers and a couple of friends to fix that. =D

I couldn’t do much with the Assassin but decided to add a little “oomph” photoshop-wise” for the Sorceress. =3

I’d say we had a fun time doing the photoshoot. =3

I know what you did with that knife Claude…


Those wings were awesome =3


Closing Credits

Firstly, they should go to the cosplayers for their hard work in their cosplayer and patience with me. (heh =3)

Secondly, to good friend ScorchNRoses who somehow or rather got dragged into saikang duty for the entire Day 2 of cosfest. Thanks for the hard work! =3

Thirdly, to all the people behind the scenes who gave me advice of various kinds while I was in 5 days of photo editing hell. ^_^”

It has been great fun doing the shoots (not so much the editing =X) and I look forward to another opportunity again. =D

omake =3

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