Cosfest X.1 (2011)

Yes yes one week late but uni’s a bitch.

This year’s cosfest marks the 10th anniversary of the event as well as one where I take a slightly deeper involvement with the cosplayers.

It’s good to make friends after all =3

Congrats to ACM winners Korea with their excellent Advent Children themed fight choreography

That said, the event itself hasn’t really changed much over the years.

I really agree with what someone said, that what makes Cosfest so wonderful is the community of cosplayers and not so much the event itself.

Crotch grab

Though this year we had a really interesting lineup of performances, especially with the Malaysian WCS round begin held in Singapore.

Yam Ah Mee. Google it.

Cosplayers were a pretty awesome bunch as usual. 8D

To wrap up, congrats to winners (Korea) of Asia Cosplay Meet as well as the winners of  Malaysia and Singapore World Cosplay Summit selection rounds.

Good luck in Japan!

Also, a gallery of cosplay pictures! 8D

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