End-of-Year 2010 @ Republic Polytechnic

This year’s EOY was held at Republic Polytechnic, which was apparently a location that annoyed most people.

I can’t really blame them as  it really was a far place to get to even in small Singapore.

If you are looking for  full coverage, do look to at SGCafe blog which is where we do most of our main events reporting.

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Scale-wise, EOY naturally has nothing on STGCC 2010. But in terms of photographic opportunity, EOY’s location, Republic polytechnic, beats the Suntec convention area of STGCC hands down. Being adjacent to a park and having many really nice and wide open spaces to take advantage of, it was certainly much more fun to shoot than in the cramped confines of Suntec City.

Booths-wise quite the standard. There was a group that set-up a booth of dollfies which were delightful to admire.

Anyway, here are some of my fav cosplay shots from the event.

Click on them for larger versions =3

And that’s all folks. =3

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