Checkered – figma Black Rock Shooter

Extremely late I know, considering how many blogs and sites I frequent have already done some form of review for figma Black Rock Shooter.

But after seeing some of the really impressive stuff on a few sites such as Kodomut’s, I fired up the ol’ creative machine to get cranking on my image of Black Rock Shooter.

For this particular series, it was abit of an experiment of sorts with light and shadow (somewhat).

This time round, I took a little more time to edit the photos, going for a more desaturated feel for some of the shots.

I was also trying out a new little flash attachment I made for my flash. If you know what a honeycomb grid is for in photography, you’ll know what I mean. =3

As usual, don’t forget that you can see larger versions by clicking on them pictures.

I must admit, shooting in a studio setting with only ONE flash unit WITHOUT wireless trigger is something of a nightmare.

I recall saying when I chose a D5k over a D90, “Commander Mode? I don’t need no Commander Mode!”.

I eat those words right now and fervently wish I had wireless control.

I know some of the glowing blue effects are cheesy.

But hey, I like them =D.

Nothing like spending 2 late nights shooting and tweaking manual controls to get the exposure and effect you want.

Can’t say they are perfect, but I’m mighty proud of this set =3

I am particularly pleased at how the checkered backgrounds and floors turned out.

They took me a good whole evening to make and about an hour to figure how to shoot with them properly but I must say I certainly don’t regret it.

It has been a long time since my last figurine review post.

With uni piling on the work, I hope I have time for more.

And that ends this series.
As a final note, I honestly thought I would have found more use for the cannon. But it turned out that its size and weight made for very unwieldy posing, especially when trying to do so without a stand. I’m sure more creative use of props, positioning and camera angles would have solved that but photography at late night doesn’t help with the thought process yeah?

I hope you guys liked the shots.

I certainly enjoyed shooting them. (the editing was an enjoyable  pain though, if that made any sense at all)

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