Kamen Rider W – FangJoker & Masquerade Party

To break the recent frost on my activities, I recently attended a shoot with Kamen Rider W as the theme.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Masked Rider might ring a bell though its Wikipage might prove to be a more enlightening article.

I never held much interest initially for the Kamen Rider franchise. I have always thought of them as mostly kids shows.

It probably didn’t help that my local kids channel often broadcasts them in english dubbing which only made it worse.

It was only after (I was tricked into) watching Kamen Rider W that I appreciated the franchise a little bit. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed watching Kamen Rider W but the interest stays with W only.

Apparently most people I asked agree that W is one of the better series.

Star of the day was Eden, a friend of mine with a knack for making almost anything out of cardboard, vanguard paper and foam.

This is not his first Kamen Rider cosplay and they have all been awesome.

Fans of the series would probably recognise him as FangJoker, one of the many forms of Kamen Rider W.

A little bit chunky on the close up but it looks damn great when you take a step back.

Its amazing what people can do with cheap materials and some creativity.

Stepping into the ring is Killer, who got recruited to play the role of generic bad guy Masquerade.

Think of his character as one of the many nameless goons you see when watching Power Rangers, or whatever sentai series it is you people watch these days.

The mask/helmet is also made by Eden. Heh.

While Killer may be playing the generic goon, he probably worked the most for that day to bring the shoot to its fruition.

Kudos to him man. 8D

Oh and before I forget, clicking on the pictures gets you full resolution of it. 8D


So what exactly DID we do?

Objective of the shoot was to replicate moments from Episode 16 of the Kamen Rider W series, of which Fang Joker first made its appearance.

Given the acute shortage of abandoned warehouses in Singapore, we had to make do with a place that could reasonably pass and be conducive for our attempt.

So here is a final product of FangJoker alone. I tried to get a movie poster feel. 8D

He’s beside himself

And here’s one where we tried to get the feel of when FangJoker’s transformation was completed and he went berserk.

I think I overdid the eye glow abit but hey, if it is worth doing it is worth overdoing. 8D

And as most of you would know, generic goons never come as one but in large groups.

And we only had one Masquerade.

So what do we do? We CLONE him >8D

Oh shit now there’s two of them

Photoshop ppl would know this as simple layer masking.

Effectively it was two different pictures blended into one, with one Masquerade in a different pose each.

Now lets try that a few more times………

Now there’s an army of them……

With one shot for every Masquerade, you can now see why Killer did most of the ground work. 8D

This is something I have always wanted to try ever since reading this article on how to clone yourself. Certainly something worth mastering for the lulz.

And here is my favorite of them all.

I think it captures the spirit of most superhero battles.

We all know who wins anyway =3

So I will leave with a few omake shots as usual. Enjoy.

Kyubey: “I want you to form a contract with me and be a Mahou Sho- Kamen Rider!” :3


He’s not

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