Natsumatsuri 2010 @ Singapore

And once again it is that time of the year as the Changi Japanese School opens itself to visitors for the Natsumatsuri celebration.

Pretty much one of the highlight events of the year where all get to have a small taste of what we commonly see in our anime.

No offense but the sign cracks me up

And just like every year, the queue to get in vaguely resembles a zergling rush though much more organised.

Fortunately, we had some advance tickets that allowed us to avoid the ticket buying crush and we got in pretty okay.

Zerglings: “Oh noes it’s a Terran wall! DD=”

Even still, the crowd on the inside was no joke either.

The stalls haven’t changed much, selling the usual overpriced food and drinks.

But hey, as the characters in Lucky Star once demonstrated , it’s not the food and the price, it’s the atmosphere in which you eat it. =3 (kindly refer to Lucky Star Episode 6)


What has changed, however, is that I now have a DSLR and am better equipped to take photos =D

Although it rained in the morning, the weather was kind again this year and provided a bright albeit humid and warm evening.

Cue pictures of sky in 1…2….3.

I drew that myself =3c

And as the sun began to set, the activities began.

“Come win your giant Minnie Mouse plushie here!”

This year, they set the game stalls to a corner of the field instead, which I think is a very wise decision as it greatly reduces congestion at the food stalls.

Though I wonder if they had any contingencies if it had rained.

The stage performances also began, with Taiko performances, Cheerleading and a Soccer demonstration (most of which the photos sucked because my telephoto lens was too slow).

Love the cute little one

Soon the sun fully set and final event, which was the Bon Odori, finally started and everybody (well mostly) joined in to dance in a circle around the main stage.

Left, Right…. Left Right….




A Miku fan for the Miku fan

Well, I had my fun meeting DA, inferno, Fariz, touching Fuzzy’s fuzzy head as well as meeting all the others.

Also had my fun dancing =3c

Certainly look forward to next year.

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