Nightscapes in the City

With the conclusion of my exams, freedom beckons like a lover long missed.

So to kick start my photographic mojo, I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do, overnight photography in the city.

In the many books about photography I’ve read, the blue hour seems to be often quoted as the best times for shooting pretty much anything.

Sadly, Singapore’s weather has never been very co-operative in the most of times, especially since it is now the wet season, giving us a cloudy over cast sky masking the beautiful blue.

Still, I’m kinda happy how this shot of the old subordinate courts turned out.

We had the fortune of stumbling on the light display show at Marina Bay Sands, which houses one of the two casinos in Singapore.

Catching the lights was kinda a rush job and alot of luck. But I must say I’m really happy with how it turned out.

One of the plus points about shooting in the dead of the night is the lack of people. that and the lack of any water activity (boats etc) makes the water surface extremely still.

This is perfect for catching reflections in the water, one of my favorite types of photography.

I am well aware that Marina Bay has been shot to death by thousands of photographers.

But I think much less have shot it in the wee hours of the morn. Being shot to death is also irrelevant to the experience of doing it yourself.

And speaking of Marina Bay Sands, I’m really loving how they finally finished (mostly) building the bay front area.

It looks really nice and might be good for cosplay photography. Hmm….

That said, the above is my favourite shot of the night.

Gotta love the still water.

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nutcase23 blogs mainly about his figurines as well as cosplay and anime related events occurring in Singapore. With his trusty camera, he stalks exhibition halls and event grounds, taking shots for the blog as well as himself. Is a rabid fan of Lucky Star.