NUS CAS brings you goodies at Cosfest!

I’ll sum it up into 3 points =3


1) Club Item Sales

NUS CAS will be having a booth at Cosfest this year selling the usual club items.

If you remember this post during this year’s SOY’B, NUS CAS will be selling the pin badges at S$2.50 this time. The designs are below as shown.

Also up for sale is a brand new full color A3 size Durarara poster featuring Yaoi couple Izaya and Shizuo.

Okay, I lied about the yaoi part =/

The poster will retail for S$5 and S$4 for members.

Do note that there will be ONLY 30 COPIES AVAILABLE so if you are not there to grab it, too bad. =/

The booth will also be conducting FLASH SALES throughout cosfest where everything will be sold at reduced prices so keep your eyes peeled.


2) Million Destiniz TCG

NUS CAS will be showcasing a  new local card game by the name Million Destiniz developed by Fun Inundated.

I’m not too sure how it works but it seems to combine traditional TCG elements with real-time limited rules.

You can check out the game play rules at the game site

The booth will be selling 3 different MDZ theme decks as well as Charge (i.e Booster) packs both separately and in boxes.

Decks will go for S$23.80 (retail S$28) and Charge packs at S$3.40 (retail S$4). Club members who purchase a theme deck will get a free Charge pack.

The first 9 theme deck buyers will also be getting a limited edition card holder box free.


3) Extravaganza 2010

Finally, potential participants for Extravaganza 2010, do note that NUS CAS’s cosfest booth will also be serving as the registration booth as well.


Cya all at COsfest 2010 then =3

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