Pinnacle @ Duxton – Sunsets and City Lights

Sunset and Sunrise chasing has always held abit of an allure for me.

But in mountain-less Singapore, accessible high vantage points to view sunrises and sunsets are few and far between.

That’s not so say sunrises and sunsets taken from ground level are not good. Just that a high vantage point affords some perspective usually not viewed normally.

Pinnacle @ Duxton is an unusual housing project in someways, being right smack in Singapore’s Central Business District and consisting of 7 blocks 50 stories high; all of which connected by two sky gardens at the 26th and 50th floors.

This naturally affords it spectacular views of its surrounding cityscape and, of course, sunrises and sunsets.

Do click on the pictures for larger versions, especially the panoramas.

Despite the drizzle that went on during the early evening, we pressed on with the plan and were rewarded with a spectacular view.

Contrary to one might think, the best sunrises and sunsets actually do need clouds. A cloudless sky provides little contrast, and it is how the light is reflected off existing clouds that make sunrises and sunsets beautiful.

And the light drizzle provided us exactly those clouds.

Mixed with lights of a seaport that never sleeps, it is quite the beautiful landscape. =3

Of course, being in the middle of the city area means city lights!

And our high vantage point and location provided us just what we wanted.

It was abit of a pity about the fences which made it difficult to shoot lower but I guess it is better than having overly motivated photographers plaster themselves on the sidewalk.

A pretty good place to go to for couples with a night to burn and just want some nice scenery and peace and quiet.

Do note that there are no toilets on the floor. no food and drinks(?) and plenty of cameras around so no hanky panky. 8D

Seems like TBE is starting to deviate from being a figu blog.

But hey, evolution of ones photography hobby 8D

Such a pair of love birds =/

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