Sales Push – ex:ride Midget II

“Sick and tired of carrying your figmas around?”

“Need more boot space?”

“Bicycles just aren’t your thing?”



“Introducing the Daihatsu Midget II! (figma edition)”

“It’s big!”

“It’s spacious!”

“And it has all the boot space you can ever need!”

“Truly the transportation device for all your needs!”

I got this because its the only car in the entire ex:ride series.

The ability to fit two figmas in the seats and a whole lot of boot space just gives so many possible outdoor shoots.

Sadly, the lack of time due to university has forced me to shoot indoors.

But I decided to take the opportunity to test out my homemade softbox.

I know the blog is half dead and all but I’ll do my best to keep posting.


Mikuru: “Umm… can I go home now?”
Haruhi: ” Nope. You still got a bike commercial to do.”

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