STGCC 2011

Or more formally known as Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention, the event has come and gone in the last weekend and only now have I managed to finish clearing up the mess that is photo editing.

In a nutshell? It was rather fun meeting up once again with everyone.

I worked with SGcafe this year, helping out with media coverage of the event so for full coverage do check out SGcafe itself.

STGCC is primarily a convention leaning towards western comics but lets face it, down here in South East Asia anime hold greater dominance so I guess it is not surprising that they brought in people like Tadaaki Dosai, Kipi and Kishida Mel.

If one needs any confirmation on the anime leaning crowd in Singapore, one just needs to look at the cosplay.

Despite running up and down for the majority of the day taking photos, meeting up with friends in the process was great fun.

The event itself did not hold much for me as I have little interest in most merchandise save figurines nor am I a rabid fan of seiyuus, cosplayers or illustrators.

Compared to AFA, STGCC is a much smaller scale event in terms of lineup.

But I must say I am very impressed with Reed Exhibitions’ way of managing the whole affair. STGCC may not match AFA in scale (yet), but AFA can certainly learn a few things about PR management and crowd control from them.

This is a filler sentence just so I can post the next photo 8D

This one too >8D

I believe what most people wanted to see was Itou Shizuka’s performance and of course, Kipi herself.

I lost count of how many various objects she signed for people over the two days.

Not that I helped in that aspect lol.

My pass…… is Kipi approved

See you next STGCC.

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