Strength -animation version- by Good Smile Company

And as the pattern goes, STR now gets her animation version up for pre-order on Hobby Search

Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Producer : Ken Kawanishi
Original : Black Rock Shooter
Release Date : Sept 2011
Regular Price : 9,334 yen  about 109.99 USD
Sales Price : 7,933 yen about 93.49 USD

Not nearly as dynamic as BRS and Dead Master if you ask me.

But still, GSC quality doesn’t disappoint and very much something you should get to complete the set.

Though since she’s never really appeared much in the OVA I can’t really say much.

They’ve also kept the usual black and white blocks.bricks and also using it to support STR by the arms so as to give her a floating in the air effect.

Buy this DFC today.

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