The (Real) National Day Post

In celebration of Singapore’s 45th birthday, the WLNF gang had a little get together.

Together with Zh3us of Unpackage?, I had a little National Day celebratory shoot as well!

It was Singapore flags all around as we and our figus had our fun.

Ritsu got a little too excited though, running around and nearly bumping into Kagami.

Kagami soon settled that problem though.

Kagami is still very camera shy though.

But that’s where the fun lies sometimes, taking pictures of those who are camera shy =3c.

Zh3us’s Mecha Musumes also joined in the fun as well.

They certainly added the military aspect into the party, perhaps like the traditional military parade that is always present in the National Day Parade? =3


Trust Haruhi to do a drop kick on Mecha Tsukasa =3c

It’s no secret that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) employs a citizen army and that every man in the country is bound by law to serve National Service when he reaches 18 years of age.

What is a secret, however, is that Zh3us’s Mecha Musumes are also employed as Special Forces Personnel in the SAF.

With these moe soldiers defending Singapore, we are safe every night.

Though this is not a secret now that I have said it. Please dun kill me Zh3us. DX

All in all a fun National Day.

Here’s to a prosperous Singapore and more good years ahead (pun intended).

Happy Birthday Singapore!

I seem to have forgotten someone………

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