A.C.M.E II, Loads of Fun!

Hordes of human swarm flocked to A.C.M.E II today where anime merchandise from Japan are sold, doujin artists showcasing their works, trading card games were played and most importantly – Touhou Hisoutensoku versus fighting tournament. You may check out the official coverage article at SGCafe

The picture above depicts the amount of  people watching a match that time, an amazing sight.

Fourteen artists/groups were in A.C.M.E II, managed to  meet up with familiar faces from Daiyaku, watzArt and many more. Of course, I have my share of fun during the event too, not forgetting the roots of some lovely photography at such a beautiful place.

Cute Yui is cute

twintails is love


Marissa from Touhou iirc


dcal’s azone doll

figurine photography in an event…

Touhou Project Set No1 by Good Smile Company

spotted an interesting alien creature… :3

BRS spotted on the creature, artwork by daiyaku

Some of the photos were taken with a Sony NEX-5 which I am using it to review its functions, not too shabby although there were some difficulties in manipulating the controls, but I shall talk about that in another article.

More photos @ SGCafe

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