Anime Festival Asia 2010 Live Blogging At Press Con

It is around the corner, you have been eagerly excited about what is coming up for this year’s AFA. You might have heard rumors but this is it. The press conference for Anime Festival Asia 2010 will unveil on September 13.

As the press conference is on an invitational basis, we have prepared something where our folks can check out the updates from the web.

We will be there to cover the event live from the press con location. Tune in to the link below at the stated date/time for all  the live coverage action !

Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X) Live Blogging

13 September 2010 (Singapore)

10:00 AM  (GMT +08) – Singapore

2:00 AM (GMT +00) – London
9:00 AM (GMT +07) – Jakarta/Bangkok/Hanoi
2:00 PM (GMT +12 ) – Auckland / Wellington
8:00 Pm (GMT -06) – Central America (12 Sep)
6:00 PM (GMT -08) – Pacific Time (12 Sep)

(we will probably start some pre-event coverage about an hour before the stated time)

Our live coverage will also be linked to our twitter so you can check it out there too

**If there are any delays to the timing due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be updating again**

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