Ar Tonelico 3 ~After story~

It has been 3 months since the official launch of Ar Tonelico 3 for the PlayStation 3, now the story continues after the events of the game in the form of Drama CDs.

2 versions will be available and retailing at 2940 yen each, one which continues Saki’s ending while the other is for Finnel.

Side Saki ~After Story~ will be launching on June 23 while Finnel’s after story will be available in August 25.

For upcoming Saki’s story, the official site blog mentioned Aoto and Saki is managing a preschool and living on the Earth now.They are worrying about a certain child who was taken by Akane’s care and assigned to the school The child’s name is Linna who is a reyvatail and had lost her parents. Linna was being taught of persecution of humans by reyvatails while she was in Clusternia. As such, she had an oppressive attitude to other children. Aoto and Saki want her to open her mind a bit to the others at least and they have planned to take her to sea with other children, however, they met a interesting person on the sea. Will Saki really make her to open her mind!?

Credits to Tanaka-kun on the translation, you may find the original quote on the official site here

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