COSMO Youth Parade 2010 Part I – The Event

It was one hell of a rainy morning during COSMO Youth Parade 2010 but the folks were still busily preparing for the event and when the rain stopped, the events kick into full gear. Moods weren’t dampened and lots of people joined the event.

COSMO Youth Parade is part of SHINE Youth festival, organised by the National Youth Council and supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. It is a festival that has become an iconic youth event in Singapore.

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*SCAPE – Embrace The New

The festival launch was held in *SCAPE located in Orchard with 12 hours of fun and events. It was mainly separated into 3 locations around the place, one of which was outside  Cineleisure. Shops such as KKNM, Kurocha and many featured shops were in the event along with Bushiroad TCG.

my first catch photo shot- one of the emcees

when a photographer shoots a photographer (oh yea..thats a neeeee-kon). when a passerby passes into a photographer’s firing range.  (!@#!@%)

an “army” of zerglings students

Some booths:

folks playing TCG

KKNM booth :3

Kurocha’s booth~ wall of figurines behind, ready to take on any otaku

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe

Moe Moe Kyun~

Power-uppu !


angry meido? :3

<3 lovely surroundings for the meidos and uhh customers :3

spotted a lovely Mio figurine in the MMK maid cafe

and nendos.. :3

Random photos:

<3 <3

I spotted a loli with a uber Canon DSLR, it could be a 5D but she is taking it very professionally.

folks from Talenthouse

Modern Warfare

Alodia and Ashley were there too

The Parade

Various icons and lots of teens joined in the parade as they walked around the area near *SCAPE, starting from the main stage in SCAPE, and outside of Takashimaya before heading back. It was pretty an awesome sight as tourists, locals and the drivers go snapping happy. It was a pretty awesome sight and here are some photos of the parade.

at the starting line

the sisters with their smiles, thanks for posing :3

The “MASH”, thanks for the posing :3


smile smile :3


good, smile to my camera. :3

more mascots to accompany Merly and Lyo

Singapore 2010 Youth Olypmic Games Mascots – Merly and Lyo

More photos at the gallery, click on it to view the larger version. Stay tuned to our later parts of the coverage for the cosplay section, performances maybe..a few “specials” ;)

All Photos Taken With Nikon D90 with Kit lens 18-105mm. :3

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