Nendoroid Madoka Kaname by Good Smile Company is finally available for pre-order. Madoka Kaname, the Puella Magi. The nendoroid will come with long with Kyuubei, the mystical little creature that turned the girls into magical girls. Will you form a contract with it ?

There are a few face expressions in the nendoroid, an extra expression based on the face she drew for herself in her school notes, as well as an upset face, her bow and arrow and another version of Kyuubei that is by itself, allowing you to recreate the famous pose from one of the key visuals from the show!

Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Scale : Non
Material : PVCABS
Producer : Takano Meishi
Series : Nendoroid
Original : Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Release Date : Aug (Apr. 28, Pre-order start.)
Regular Price : 3,334 yen  about 40.74 USD
Sales Price : 2,833 yen about 34.63 USD


Availability begins in August, grab her and that little monster Kyubey in Hobby Search

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