Nendoroid Nymph by Good Smile Company

Nymph-chan is available for pre-order and will be falling down from the heavens to bring back Ikaros in her nendoroid form on November this year. Folks who watch the anime ’Sora no Otoshimono Forte’ will remember her.

She comes with three expressions – a standard smiling face, an angry face struggling to hide her embarrassment and finally a chibi face, for all the famous chibi scenes from the anime. Nymph nendo includes some extras too and they are a packet of chips for her to munch on, as well as a choice between her normal wings and her cut wings

twintails :D

Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Scale : Non
Material : PVCABS
Producer : Naruhige
Series : Nendoroid
Original : Sora no Otoshimono Forte
Release Date : Nov (Jun. 21, Pre-order start.)
Regular Price : 3,334 yen  about 41.38 USD
Sales Price : 2,833 yen about 35.17 USD

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