Pre-launch of SGcafe Blog, Changes To TBE

I am pleased to announce the involvement in a project known as, it is not something new but an existing forums with a huge community that relates mainly about cosplay, Japanese sub-cultures and random chit chatter.

Folks who frequent the site need no introduction but with The Banzai! Effect (TBE)’s involvement, will be rejuvenated with content and some refreshing changes in the near future. The first step is the introduction of website in the form of a blog similar to TBE. We will be posting news, reviews and certain exclusive content to SGcafe’s blog with an additional touch to the local youth culture as well. Most importantly, we will like to roll out member benefits in the near future.

This is launched as a beta testing for now, the beta blog is found at HERE. We have also launched the official twitter and facebook for SGcafe. Do join us!

Everything is under testing and new changes to both design, back-end will happen soon. Do add the website ( to your blogroll and let us know when you do (you can comment here, do a @secrettorich in your tweet with your blog url (do not use shortlink), send us a email at support AT secrettorich D0t com !

SGcafe’s blog which is still undergoing changes is currently located at , do feedback if you find any anomalies or any suggestions. ^^

As for The Banzai! Effect, it remains of course but I would like to give it a more personal touch and umm…a more focused “flavor” in our content. Things that we are best in doing. :3 Wanna make a guess ?

I have chosen the same updated theme which gives a design refresh to our site, giving it a neater look as compared to last time. I hope you guys like it. Most importantly, it is 1024 friendly.

We are also surprised at the rate of facebook supporters, currently standing at 185. BANZAI!   ^^

This will be all for now, I will unveil more details soon. mata ne ! :3

About the Author

The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world