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and no, that’s not Sheryl, it is a vocaloid on the left for gumi. -.-

2009′s over and in just a year, The Banzai! Effect is what it is now today,thanks to the readers and also our writers, of course, you can check our 2010 new year post and wishes here

With 2010, I am hoping to start something that builds upon the current site but it is still in drafting phase in my brain vault. With the beginning of January, we have a  new recruit as well who will be joining our horde  – Tanaka-kun. He hails from Japan. ^^

Site-wise, here are some refinements

  • I have added live-chat functionality on TBE, click on the “Join Live Chat” on the bottom right to join. (thanks to the addon)
  • Searching function have been enhanced which will search relevant articles across all TBE, its subdomains and also Otakucafe from Vr-zone.
  • Translating add-on have also been enhanced with a few more languages (hope your main language is inside)
  • Twitter dashboard have been simplified

No more complex site traffic reporting with some heavy loading graphs. With 2010, all will be text based :3 I doubt people read and take them seriously anyway ^^

For the entire 2009,

our total pageview impressions – 12,019,951 (814,409 on Dec 09)

Top 5 Browsers

  1. Firefox (57%)
  2. MSIE (25%)
  3. Chrome (7%)
  4. Safari (4%)
  5. Opera (3%)

Top 5 articles will not be highlighted as earlier articles get a longer exposure date than others, not a fair comparison. ^^

so what’s new year resolution for 2010  ? are u reaching for a 2560×1600 resolution ? ^^

Happy New Year !

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