Some Changes To Our Site (Pls read if you are one of our readers)

Hi everyone,

There will be some changes regarding how content are posted on our The Banzai! Effect nowadays, do take note that the website will be shifting its focus to figurine and cosplay photography from now on (unless there is something interesting). This is take on a approach to be more personal in the content we post. Some interesting anime articles might appear here too.

All news, event coverages (we do post here too) and product reviews will be on our sister site – SGCafe.

For a breakdown on the structure,

SGCafe’s content site is here

SGCafe’s forums are here

SGCafe’s twitter‘s  here

SGCafe’s facebook is here

Our own twitter and facebook (secrettorich) will still be around but to catch the news post on twitter, you will have to follow SGCafe’s twitter

Many thanks everyone, also do check out nutcase23′s figurine life …something interesting is brewing in upcoming episodes

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The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world