Starfest 2010

Starfest, an event organised by Singapore Cosplay Club started on the 31st May and will end today. The event peaks with programs and booths on the weekend, adding a toy fair but was it really worth the time to check it out ? Not planning to miss out this event, nutcase23 and I went down to see what’s going on there on the weekends

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The teams that advanced to the next round

The event was also a place to announce the cosplayers that’s advancing to the next stage of WCS competition, which will be held in Cosfest later this year. Here are some photos of the participating cosplayers for WCS and also photos of cosplayers who attended the event. More photos at the gallery below.

moe? ;3

Also in the event was a booth that promotes an upcoming maid cafe that will be opening in Singapore. Its intended launch will be on September this year at Funan. Our friend here (points above) joins in by dressing up in their costume.  ^^ I managed to secure a few shots of the staff working there.

not sure of her name but she is kinda cute :3



Known as the Cawaii Koohii Maid Cafe, it will be opening in September at Funan Mall Level 5.  As we scour the event grounds, we took some nice closeups of  lovely cosplayers wondering. Here’s a few

Mio. <3

i remembered that she cosplayed as Al Azif from Demonbane if I remember correctly <3 <3

Miku-ish? :3

lovely umbrella and fan ^^

As Kaya from Tower of Druaga… .


God help us if they were to form a massive army

…and so he shows his GAR

The event will be ending today, so check it out if you have not. You can check out other lovely shots of the cosplayers in SGcafe Cosplay category

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