Tako Sensou Part II

They march on, infesting. Despite tired tentacles, they march, trying to bring every denizen of Black Rock Mountain into its fold but will they succeed ?

there might be one tako on a tree near you

hmm, those branches look like tentacles, maybe thats why

ready to strike

*tsk tsk tsk*

Nature might have failed in protecting the denizens of Black Rock Mountain as the Takos evolved by assimilating its previous victims

Infested Miku with a space time continuum behind


Those cute evil little things are ready to strike, though all hope is not lost as nature has alerted a certain race of the incoming purge

We call them the Hachunes

a mini Hachune reporting to the Grandmasters

The Hachunes are governed by the 4 Grandmasters who are aided by Mikus as their advisors. Of course, there are also the minority Mikus who serve for the greater Good. It looks like they are aware of the impending tako infestation and decided to do something to it.

With the power of twintails and the leeks, the Grandmasters call forth their guardian, the protector of the Black Rock Mountains

The Black Rock Shooter

Will she be able to curb the purge ? We will find out in the next episode :3


the aftermath … :3


Domo gets infested ?!?!

Takos on a spoon

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