[WLNF] Cat, Figurines, Cake and Halloween

It was great meeting up fellow WLNF (We Love Nendoroid and Figma) comrades during Halloween at Dcal’s house. A warm and cosy place with a Smile in the house.

Don’t get me wrong, we still love PVCs though it is fun to shoot some moving creatures of Earth once in a while. Smile is Dcal’s cat and  I was pretty much spamming photos on it and I will like to share some of the photos with you.



Now, we go back into PVCs. Figurines are part of us in any outings, we had much fun as usual and even celebrated a few birthdays during this gathering. Here’s some photos to share ;3

Nanoha, zh3us is going crazy over her

tsundere nanoha?

Nice Boat

A few of our fellow comrades have upgraded from mere PVCs into awesomely beautiful dollfies. Perhaps WLNF should change her name soon….perhaps WLDNF (We Love Dollfies, Nendos and Figmas) =\

Lovely Nanoha

so much love…

Mari-chan looking at the mirror

she has an…iPad?

Mari-chan is Alafista‘s musume

Domo is a BI, Gundam is RT-ing and Toro enjoys HD and Yuki shouts out AY

Yummy cakes, Happy birthday to the birthday boys

nutcase23 made something too …  (click on picture to see animation)

More photos below in the gallery

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