World Cosplay Summit Selections Singapore -Off Stage ver-

So you have seen the on stage version of our WCS article…how about “off stage” ver? We will let the pictures do the talking.

We had a whole lot fun interacting with the cosplayers and photographers. Nice meeting you all ^^ I say the event is pretty straightforward unlike other cosplay events mainly cos it is just a selection round and that’s it. There was also a figurine display in the other section of the shopping plaza and also another place where a mini anime music concert was held which also played Final Fantasy music as well ^^

Nonetheless, here is our take of favorite photos and the a short video taken during the concert.

Some Sandplay goodness <3

<3 <3


guess who are they cosplaying as ^^

shoujo A: kiss my foot…
shounen A: yes madam

Noel Vermillion

Noel Vermillion…again

Noel Vermillion..again?

Not Noel Vermillion…


Here is a video clip taken in one of the pieces performed during the short music “concert”. It is a mix of Final Fantasy musics.

Now onwards to the final post…the candid ver… ^^

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