Yutaka Kobayakawa: Gym Uniform ver by FREEing

Yutaka-chan have always been  dwarf sized and if you are hoping for a bigger sized version of her, perhaps FREEing’s version of her will satisfy you. Yutaka Kobayakawa: Gym Uniform ver is a 1/4 scale PVC figurine available on October. Care is to be taken when handling the loli


at 1/4 scale, the details are still pretty simple.

Yutaka-chan is literally an example of pure moe. The shirt on her is made of fabric and she stands at about 330mm. That is one big loli. :3

Manufacturer : FREEing
Scale : 1/4
Material : PVC
Producer : FREEing
Original : Lucky Star
Release Date : Oct
Regular Price : 14,096 yen  about 158.01 USD
Sales Price : 11,981 yen (15%OFF) about 134.31 USD

The price may seem a bit high for some but hardcore fans of Lucky Star may consider getting this giant loli in the room…hmm

Pre-orders are open now, check out at your local store or you may try out Hobby Search.

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