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Welcome to The Banzai! Blogrollz, where my fellow blogmates’ blogs/websites/communities are found. If you would like to request for a link exchange, simply comment on this page by entering your blog URL in the comment and of course, some comments like the type of blog you have. If you are worried about privacy issues, you may also contact us by sending us an email – support AT secrettorich D0T com

If your website’s blogroll supports blog banners, we have a range of sizes for you to choose and add it on your site (we do not recommend hotlinking , please host the image on your server instead, many thanks!):

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  • AFA-09-Banner-v2


These are the 4 banners that are currently available, you may resize them to suit your website, there is also one animated banner (credits to nutcase23). More to come in the upcoming time ^^

Cheers and Happy Blogging! :D


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The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world