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The Banzai! Blog Hosting  is not for everyone and it is a sub-domain hosting package for free. Currently, I am still refining the selection criteria but you must be either of the following first:

  • A Cosplayer or A Cosplay Group
  • A fan of a relevant culture related to our site.

Once approved, you will get the following under our domain:

  • 30GB space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth *
  • Running on WordPress platform.
  • A Subdomain (e.g., where sub-domain is the name of the url you prefer. **
  • IT’S FREE. ***
  • It can be a personal blog of yours #
  • A webmail account, if requested. (e.g.

With the recent improvements in WordPress, we have decided to disable FTP access for blog owners of subdomains. Blogmasters of individual subdomains may contact me directly via MSN or email for special requests that requires FTP. In WordPress environment itself, you are now allowed to install themes and plugins

* if you are caught abusing bandwidth, you will be subjected to questioning. dont worry about this though. we decided to disable FTP as one of the main reasons. we will explain more if you are a successful applicant

** dont give me sub-domains that is of vulgar content, you will fail the application right away.

# yup, personal blog but please no ranting and no personal insults to a targeted person or political talk. we are a hobbyist site not some freedom-of-speech personal ranting blog provider. anything that I find that breaks the terms and conditions or even a close touch with the law will get your sub-domain disabled

As this is an application for a hosting space for yourself/your group, there are some “stuff”  that you must understand and follow:

  • Content must not breach any federal law
  • No nudity (2D/3D), or contain anything that may be deemed unsuitable for the general audience
  • Understand how WordPress works. You may check here on how to use it
  • Hosting is free, hence, we may put non-intrusive ads on the sidebar or somewhere in the blog (depending on your theme)
  • Inactive blogs for several months will get their sub-domains removed to free resources.
  • If our domain goes down, most likely your sub-domain may go down too. This is however, not always the case. To check out the status, you may check our twitter for any status announcements

The Banzai! Effect is not an aggregate of blogs, we are doing this out of goodwill for fan clubs or cosplayers to have a place to showcase their content or even blog. The terms and conditions stated above may seem “user-unfriendly” but we are doing this to protect you as well. If you think you qualify and are able to fulfil, use the contact form above and choose “Request For Blog Hosting”    as the reason and put in the relevant information in the textbox:

Country: The country you are from
Intended Subdomain name: Please tell us the subdomain hostname you are requesting and we will create for you
For yourself or a group: Is this for yourself or a group
Name of Cosplay Group & Description of yourself : Depending on your choice, tell us more about yourself of the group.
Webmail: do need a email account ?
MSN or Yahoo Messenger: Point of contact is required

Ensure all fields are filled up properly, we screen your application thoroughly. As much we would like to, not all applications maybe successful.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Country (required)

Is this for yourself or a group ?
 For myself only For a group

Intended name for subdomain ?

Name of Group/Cosplayer and Brief Intro and Description of Yourself. Indicate your MSN or YM Contact.

Do you need a webmail ?

 Yes No

Human Identification Test: 3+2=? 

About the Author

The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world