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Currently, our pool of writers are pretty sufficient but we welcome experienced writers that fits our criteria to join us.  The Banzai! Effect team does not restrict writers from any countries. As long you have the passion and the drive, wants to develop a relevant hobby. You are welcome to try and send us the mail from the contact form below

Our diverse community, however, brings to the point of moderation. Applying through this email and showing us what you can do, does not grant you a place automatically.  There is a selection process being followed but first, you posses these basic skills:

  1. Understand how to Write in WordPress environment. Read here to get a better understanding.
  2. Resizing photos or images. Our images are capped at a maximum of 640pxiels wide when posted on this website.
  3. Your English must be of a understandable level. By sending us the contact form, we will see how your English is.

For a feel of what are the articles we write and the fun we enjoyed in doing, it is preferred that you read a few of our articles on the blog before deciding.

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About the Author

The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world