Cosfest IX – Lets Make Friends! Day 1

Cosfest IX Day 1 has just passed and it has been already an awesome blast!

Day 1 features karaoke, band and cosplay performances and as always, the venue is packed to the brim with people.

Despite the initial rain early in the day and then a light drizzle later on, the mood never dampened and the party went on all the way to the night!

I’m sure you are here to check out the pictures I’ve brought back of the various awesome cosplays seen down at Cosfest Day 1.

I’ll leave you here with my fav five shots of the day and a gallery of the rest of the pictures.

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Just place your mouse on the right (or left) of the enlarged picture.

Here we go!

I’m guessing Articuno

Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with her daughter? =3

Niche from Letter Bee

Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter

Dominatrix from Hell. Okay I’m kidding…… Don’t whip me T_T

And here’s the gallery =3

Pictures are taken by nutcase23, and our FOC photographer inferno0748. =3

Cosplayers who want full rez of their shots are free to approach us via e-mail. =3

About the Author

nutcase23 blogs mainly about his figurines as well as cosplay and anime related events occurring in Singapore. With his trusty camera, he stalks exhibition halls and event grounds, taking shots for the blog as well as himself. Is a rabid fan of Lucky Star.