Evangelion @ Streetfest 2010

A special treat for you Evangelion fans out there as we have here a special post straight from Streetfest 2010. If you haven’t checked out our Streetfest D’J Party 2010 – Mega Cosplay Coverage yet ,I suggest you go there first. =3

Also, Asuka fans, sorry but you are going to have to go elsewhere this time. XDD

Before I start, I would like to thank the cosplayers Cutepetz and Rinya for posing for us and dealing with our demands as photographers =D

Also, a shout out to Amano, Togusa, FarizAsuka and Geno for their advice (and equipment) on what can be considered as my very first proper cosplay shoot. =3


And so featuring,

Cutepetz as Makinami Mari Illustrious (with Evangelion 2.22 skirt lol)


Rinya as Ayanami Rei

As usual, clicking the pictures gives you a larger version. =3

Mari likes to eat Rei =O

I REALLY love that “Scissors of Longinus” =D

Rei means business with her scissor- I mean spear =3

Mari loves the spotlight

Damn Shinji made Mari drop her glasses again D=<

We left the event grounds from here and did our shoot a little elsewhere.

A little privacy allowed me to bring out the good ole 50mm but since my D5000 has no in-built AF and I am officially noob-shit with MF, excuse me if a few shots may be a little off focus… ^^”

Kudos to Rinya and Cutepetz for bearing with me lol……

Now we move on to individual shots =3

“Ippen shinde miru?” (Opps wrong series ^^”)

Megane Moe? =3

And that concludes this Evangelion @ Streetfest 2010 Special =3

Mari says “Bye bye” =3

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