Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2010

I must say that STGCC 2010 has been an eye opener of sorts for me.

But lets start from the beginning shall we?

It was nice meeting up with the guys from The Card Geeks and KKnM again. Even if their presence usually means an epic snaking queue that jams up a portion of the exhibition area. 8D

Stage events-wise was pretty good too.

I can’t really say much about the cosplay performances though I must say the Patapon performance for group cosplay event was definitely a show stealer.

Other stage events like the Reel to Real performance where they re-enacted fighting scenes from movies on stage and the AKB48 performance were awesome sauce as well.

I guess the thing that surprised me the most was that STGCC actually had a media village stocked with basic refreshments and computers to upload pictures.

Call me a mountain tortoise but I have never attended any other event (within this activity sphere) that treats its media this well in Singapore. Reed Exhibitions is some serious business indeed.

Anyway, I’ll end this post with some of my fav cosplay shots for the event. =3

And as per nutcase23 tradition, I’ll leave the last picture as a troll shot 8D


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