Sanya V.Litvyak by Alter

Manufacturer : Alter
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Producer : Houjun Otoyama
Original : Strike Witches
Release Date : Jun 2010
Regular Price : 7,800 yen  about 86.87 USD
Sales Price : 6,630 yen (15%OFF) about 73.84 USD

Strike Witches’s Sanya is making a strike to your house with her gorgeous black and white dress and crimson-white skin. Now only if the rocket launcher can fire something ^^, the detail of the Alter’s Sanya is pretty much in detail if you observe the legs and her rocket launcher.

supported by the leg

The height of Alter’s Sanya stands at 220mm and will be made available for retail on June 2010.

deadly moe

Sanya is up for preorder on Hobbysearch at the price of 6630 yen. So place your order now to get a loli witch on your shelf.

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