Streetfest D’J Party 2010 – Mega Cosplay Coverage

Streetfest, an event created to provide a platform for Singapore youths to showcase their talents and skills in the visual arts, trends and more. This year, a series of events began in June and take on prominent changes as before. Needless to say, TBE decided to check out one of the events in Streetfest:  D’J party

The event was created by JUN, a youth performer in 2004 as a commitment to Jrock sub-culture and the event grew today with lots of cosplayers attending this year. This is perhaps one of the major events on national level relating youth culture with Shine Youth Parade being its peak on July 3rd. You may want to learn about Streetfest in the official website here

quite a crowd, it gets more in the evening


Needless to say, here are some of interesting cosplayers we “caught” on camera, click on the photos below for a bigger version. The gallery is at the end.

we start off with this epic guy… “Ore no Tshirt”. Uniqueness indeed

Gumi from Megpoid

“I spotted a weed”

In love with a weed

Weed rejects Gumi’s love

she’s crying!?

“insert tagline”

Mari from Eva 2.22 (the blu ray ver)


moar eye power!

A lovely Azmaria from Chrno Crusade

a fairy just landed…

i feel enchanted…


Celty joins in the fun


It sure feels wonderful to be in the event but that’s not all. We have a little special coming right up, courtesy of nutcase23 :3

All shots taken by oOgA, nutcase23

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