World Cosplay Summit Selections Singapore

The selection rounds for World Cosplay Summit Korea have just ended, 6 contestants have been selected for the Korean Semi-finals. Congratulations to them and for those who didn’t win, you guys are also great too ! The event have pretty much attracted lots of people, swarming the floors with big assed cameras, imba external flashes and lens. Gosh! Where did the compacts go?

For those who curious, there are 4 rounds in WCS.

1) WCS Selection Rounds Korea (West Coast Plaza, Singapore)
2) WCS Singapore Semi-Finals in Korea (WCS Korea, Korea)
3) WCS Singapore Finals (Cosfest, Singapore)
4) WCS Championship (WCS, Nagoya, Japan)

Cosfest will be held on July 3,4.

Pretty organised event although the location of the stage itself was pretty cramped and I could see cosplayers, photographers and the general public having some difficulty moving around. Guess it is the architecture of the building itself. Security was there, good thing there was security otherwise I cant imagine the whole mess of human pulp gathering around the stage.

Gallery as usual, with some favorite shots along with the shots of who won the selection round.

The 6 Contestants For WCS Korea Semi Finals in Korea:

Some of My Favorite Shots ^^

Jin Kisaragi from Blazblue

Noel Vermillion from Blazblue..singing with passion ver

*hop step jump!* ..Poor Kisaragi..

Aya and Raistlin. Loved their performance. Video by Zeratul

Gakupo from Sandplay Singing from the Dragon


more vocaloid? <3

big assed speaker blocking my view..sigh

Pardon my shots for the stage event as there is little freedom to move around to get a good shot. the lighting’s sudden change was..epic too :3 Need to learn more about photoshopping them.

Stay tuned for the next post which is -behind the stage- …well, at least the shots are “better” in a way.

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