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Last Updated: 30 July 2009
Authored by: oOgA, Webmaster of The Banzai! Effect


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About The Site, Me & The Team


The Site

The Banzai! Effect was officially launched on 1st Jan 2009 as a site to promote and also introducing multiple aspects of Japanese culture. Covering almost everything from the local event coverages, latest anime and figurines updates to gaming and even interesting news on the net.

It all began from a small personal site of anime blogging in 2007 – Anime Banzai! which was hosted on Animeblogger servers, I decided to grow it further into a team blog site which was gradually welcomed and attracted some very good writers who joined us. Providing  reviews to anime episodes and exploring the so called “otaku world” branded by many. It was also a ground for new bloggers who want to have a taste to blogging to write and experience.

Partings were eventual and with a handful of good writers, I got a domain of my own and that’s how The Banzai! Effect began.

About Me (Alias: oOgA)

Residing in the tiny hot island of Singapore, I am pretty much just like a normal person you see down the streets. A diploma holder and planning for further studies. I specialize in the field of I.T. support and also pretty much into hardware and gadgets. It was a additive plus that I was able to understand the basics of how WordPress and other content management systems work and hence, I was able to cater an existing theme to suit the site’s needs.

Well, this is pretty much about me, my favorite anime genres have narrowed recently perhaps due to age (^^) and also the lack of time due to work. I am more into sci-fi, horror and suspense and comedy type of animes, exceptions do occur but one of main criteria to watching a good anime is always its soundtrack.

Blogging is not a new thing to me, my first blog began in 2001 and picked up skills in both programming and also content planning. Most importantly are the group of people I get to know along the way

About The Team

The Banzai! Effect started with a handful of key members from Anime Banzai! that helped to grow the site. They are nutcase23, Setsukyie and Jellokun.  In short, a Singaporean, a Malaysian and a States guy. Nutcase23 prioritizes his figure coverages while Setsukyie has a talent in his musical instruments. Jellokun started his own podcasting – The Banzai Beat which he hosts on his site can also be found our site as well, which is perhaps one of the key element of the site as his content and views are based as a person living in the States.

Along came other guest writers, some were good in their aspect writing, one was into drawing manga strips, last but not least we have some good photographers in our team.

About nutcase23

I started my foray into the blogging business by joining Anime Banzai! on the 26th of December 2007 so you could say I was oOgA’s Christmas present of sorts. I started out with simple anime reviews and gradually moved on to events coverage and figurines. With the official launch of The Banzai! Effect, I followed oOgA as part of his team to this site, assisting him in minor site design (not site coding) and arrangements and whatever he deems me worthy of doing as well as contributing my own articles.

I mainly blog about Singapore-based events and my figurines, which is a hobby jump started by oOgA and has been raping my wallet ever since. I focus mainly on articulated figurines, preferring figmas and Nendoroids and often pose them in scenic photos or attempt to weave a story using a series of still photos or by means of a standard comic portrayal such as 4koma. It is a rather time consuming hobby that often competes with my university commitments.  I am currently a member of the NUS CAS or National University of Singapore Comics and Animation Society which is very active in the local Singapore scene.

By most standards, I’m relatively new to the anime watching scene, having only really started at about 2006~2007. I watch pretty much anything though I favor comedy and slice of life. I have a few favorites such as Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, all which I collect figmas of. I also enjoy shows like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Kanon (2006), CLANNAD and have recently become a Vocaloid fan as well.

I maintain an active presence in The Banzai! Effect, dannychoo.com and its associated figure.fm, tsuki-board.net as well as local forum vr-zone’s OtakuCafe section of which TBE has co-management. I also have a deviantART account.

Alias: Setsukyie, Setsu

Role: Episode Reviewer (Anime Banzai!), Editorial Writer, Anime News Writer, and Everything Else

Likes: Anime (of course), this includes Comedy, Romance, Action, Harem, and KyoAni anime. Other likes include playing guitar, piano, video games, and MOAR ANIME!

Dislikes: Just like my senpais here, I hate purely fanservice show. Comedy-purpose fanservice is welcomed though. ^_^

5 of my Favorite Animes: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (obviously), CLANNAD, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Honey & Clover

About Myself?: Hi ya. I’m a 15 year old kid who has a passion for anime, just like all of you here. Been actively watching anime for about 2 years now, and counting. My love for anime have led me to start learning Japanese, play visual novel, learn to play anime music (guitar, piano), and eventually started blogging. In other words, anime is a big part of my life, and I’m here to share my love for anime. So, continue to support us and Haruhi demands you to spread the words of The Banzai! Effect. ^_^

Guest Writers (Not In Order)

  • TP
  • NewGeekPhilosopher
  • Hexlord
  • Shiro
  • Kozato

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About the Author

The man who started The Banzai! Effect and Anime Banzai! (discontinued), took an avid interest in blogging and also photography. Integrating his interests with the likes of Japanese pop culture, he starts out his path on the blogging world